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Our Boho-Modern Bunny Nursery Revealed!


This post is well overdue... mainly because this is our first post and we didn't have a blog until now. HA.

Boho Modern Bunny Nursery

It's been about 1 year since we completed this project and we still get so many questions on the sources. So we are sharing every single detail (pretty much), along with some helpful #decoronabudget tips that we learned throughout the process!

Boho Modern Bunny Nursery

Boho Modern Bunny Nursery

Boho Modern Bunny Nursery

  • Name Blocks: Etsy

  • Printable Closet Dividers: Etsy

  • Closet Storage Baskets: Target

  • Bunny Hook: Anthropologie​​

  • Shadow Box: West Elm

  • ​Sentimental alert! We used this to display the doctor's note revealing the gender & other keepsakes (awww).


& just for fun, here's the digital design that became our nursery!

See more of our digital designs here


OH and want to see the before pics???

Popcorn ceiling and NO closet doors or closet shelving!!! Yuck.


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